Chronic prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis is a purely male ailment. It is characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland. It is quite painful and causes discomfort to a man. At the same time, many keep silent about the problem, thereby only aggravating their condition. As a result, the acute form of the disease becomes chronic. Its symptoms appear at regular intervals, then they completely disappear.

The question of how to cure chronic prostatitis is the most relevant in such a situation.


Recently, more and more men complain of burning, cramps, pain during urination, deterioration of potency and impaired reproductive capacity. Basically, all these are signs of prostatitis. As practice shows, there are a lot of reasons for its occurrence and the disease affects the body at different ages.

Only timely and correct treatment will help get rid of the disease. Therefore, at the first sign, it is important to see a doctor. He will conduct a number of examinations, appoint to take tests and perform other procedures. Based on the results obtained, a diagnosis will be made and the most effective treatment will be determined.

But many men are sensitive to this topic, so they try to hide their flaws. As a result, the process of the course of the disease is complicated, and the acute form becomes chronic. The latter is much more difficult to cope with, it will take more time and effort. In this case, one cannot do without a number of restrictions and adherence to certain recommendations. In addition, one type of therapy will not bring the desired result; a combination of both is required.


Patients with chronic prostatitis are interested in whether it can be cured and how it is treated. This question is quite logical, since every man wants to lead a normal life without discomfort. Treatment of prostatitis in men is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires a correct and responsible approach. In this case, you should not self-medicate, it is better to seek help from a specialist and only under his supervision carry out the necessary manipulations.

The main methods of treating the prostate include:

  • Ethnoscience;
  • Taking medications;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Thermal impact;
  • Electrotherapy and laser therapy;
  • Compliance with a diet.

In addition, there are several approaches to treatment, which depend on the type of disease: bacterial and abacterial. For the first type of ailment, antibiotics are well suited. The course of such therapy is long-term, but effective. In the treatment of the second, a strong flow of drugs is mainly used, the action of which is aimed at destroying the infected microflora. In addition, stagnation factors are thus eliminated.

prostate massage for chronic prostatitis

Additional procedures are often used during treatment. For example, transrectal massage. It is quite effective in chronic prostatitis. It is carried out by a specially trained person. Basically, these skills are possessed by a doctor. The duration of the massage is 12-15 procedures, which are performed within one month.

Exercise also has a beneficial effect on the body of a patient with prostatitis. For example, jogging in the morning and evening, swimming. The main goal of the exercise is to speed up the blood circulation in the body, which will give it additional strength. In addition, they have a positive effect on the condition of the legs and pelvis, in which stagnation often occurs, leading to prostatitis.

Many experts recommend tempering the body - this procedure will only complement the treatment. Since it activates the work of all organs in the patient's body.


Folk remedies are widely used in the treatment of various diseases. Whether it is possible to treat chronic prostatitis with this method worries many. The use of herbs, flowers, honey and baths are quite effective for such ailment. As a result, you can cure prostatitis at home. Moreover, this is easy to do and with minimal financial costs.

a healthy and inflamed prostate with chronic prostatitis

You can effectively cope with prostatitis with the following folk remedies:

  • Hazel branches and needles.Plants must be poured with boiling water and allowed to brew. After that, pour into a basin and sit in the liquid. Taking a similar bath is carried out several every day for two weeks. The duration of one procedure is 15–20 minutes;
  • Pumpkin seeds.This plant is rich in zinc, which is essential for the male body. It helps to quickly and effectively cope with many ailments. Pumpkin seeds can be eaten in pure form 25–30 seeds once a day, or used to prepare a special solution. The second application is as follows. It is necessary to grind the seeds to a mushy state. A meat grinder will help with this. Add honey to them in the amount of 150 grams. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and roll into small balls. Store this in a cool place. Consume one or two scoops daily before meals. Moreover, it must be thoroughly chewed;
  • Honey and celandine.Basically, this remedy is used after the drug treatment of prostatitis, when the acute inflammation will be relieved. These ingredients are used to prepare a special broth. It is necessary to take dry herb celandine and boil for 30 minutes. Then strain and add honey. After cooking, the broth is poured into a glass container and stored in a cool, dark place. It is recommended to use it 10 grams three times a day before meals;
  • Broth of oats.You need to take the product and boil for 30 minutes. After that, strain and drink a glass several times a day. The duration of treatment in this way is about two months. In this case, it is necessary to take breaks every five days of using the broth. During such therapy, it is worth giving up strong physical exertion. For example, going to the gym. The results of treatment with folk remedies will not keep you waiting, they will be visible in a week, but you shouldn't stop there. In order for recovery to occur, and the ailment is gone forever, it is necessary to complete the full course;
  • Parsley.This plant has a rich composition, which includes a number of useful and healing substances. They do an excellent job with inflammatory processes in the genital area, restore their work. To cure prostatitis, you need to pass the parsley through a juicer. The resulting liquid must be taken in the amount of one tablespoon several times a day. You can also use plant seeds. They are crushed to a powder state, poured with boiling water and boiled for twenty minutes. After that, cool and drink one tablespoon before eating.

You can cure a chronic ailment with other folk remedies. For example, wormwood. This plant helps to relieve inflammation and kill a pyogenic infection. Wormwood must be rubbed by hand before use. After that, use one part of it in its pure form, and use the other to prepare a special decoction, which is used for douching the urethra.

The bitterness possessed by the plant has a positive effect on the body. It cleanses the body of harmful bacteria that have become infectious agents. Only in this way, you can completely get rid of the disease.

The scheme for using such a tool is as follows:

  • At the beginning of the treatment, it is necessary to use a pinch of the plant. After that, be sure to drink a glass of water. It is necessary to carry out the procedure every two hours. Thus, the duration of treatment is three days. It does not matter when the meal is taken. On these days, the attending physician does not recommend taking breaks. The herb will need to be taken at night at the same intervals;
  • Subsequent treatment takes place only during the day. It is necessary to eat a pinch of wormwood five or six times. The duration of such a reception is four days;
  • In the evening, additional wormwood treatments will be required. They are presented in the form of microclysters. To prepare them, you need a teaspoon of dry herb. A glass of water is added to it and boiled. After that, the broth is filtered and cooled to a temperature of 37 degrees. 50 ml of liquid must be taken for the procedure. It is carried out by injection into the anus. In this case, defecation is not observed. Another 50 ml of solution must be injected into the urethra. The duration of treatment is a week. In a few days, stagnation will begin to emerge.


To get the desired result from treatment with folk remedies, you must follow a diet. It consists in excluding fatty and dairy products, eggs, sweets from the diet. In addition, you need to limit yourself in the consumption of bread. It is allowed only in dry form and in an amount of no more than 200 grams per day. Also, for the period of treatment, it is necessary to give up alcohol, cigarettes and other harmful substances.

drugs for chronic prostatitis

If we talk about products that are allowed, then this includes vegetables and fruits. Since they are rich in fiber, vitamins and other beneficial substances. You can eat cereals, nuts and sunflower oil.

Drug treatment

Folk remedies often fail to cure chronic prostatitis. They are mainly used in combination with drug therapy or are prescribed after it. The use of drugs in practice is much more effective in combating the disease. They quickly help to heal the patient.

Basically, with drug therapy, antibiotics and rectal suppositories are prescribed. The former allow you to destroy the bacteria that led to the development of the disease. They must be used very carefully and strictly according to the scheme. Since they are able to accumulate in the prostate gland.

Treatment with rectal suppositories is also possible. They allow you to quickly relieve the symptoms that accompany the disease. In addition, they block the inflammatory process, have a mild effect on the walls of the rectum. Rectal suppositories do not have the side effects that often occur with the use of antibiotics.

Chronic prostatitis is usually curable. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of your doctor. With the right approach to solving the problem, it will not be difficult to heal the ailment. But still, you should not bring your condition to a chronic form of prostatitis, it is better to seek help at its initial stage.

As soon as there are unpleasant sensations during urination, you should go to the doctor. He will help determine the cause of the ailment. If necessary, he will select an effective treatment for the disease. As a result, a man will be able to return to his usual life without discomfort.