All about sex with prostatitis: when you can and when not

In the article we will tell you whether sex helps with prostatitis, in which cases it is really useful,sex with prostatitisand when it can aggravate the inflammation. When preparing the material, we relied on the opinions of practicing doctors.

How Sex Cures Prostatitis

Inflammation in the prostate is maintained mainly due to foci of infection that form in the secretion stagnant in the ducts. The more regularly they are emptied, the lower the concentration of pathogens in the prostate gland. That is why urologists prescribe prostate massage to their patients as an indispensable element of prostatitis therapy.

Does sex help with prostatitis: Natural contractions of the gland during orgasm clear the ducts much more effectively than massage the prostate. Another advantage is increased blood flow in the pelvic area and improved metabolic processes in the tissues of the prostate.

How often should you have sex? Lack of sex will reduce the effectiveness of treatment, and excess of it will aggravate symptoms. In the latter case, the muscles of the prostate "get tired" and develop atony. The optimal frequency of sex should be determined by a man himself, depending on his sexual constitution. The main condition is the presence of desire, emotional and physical pleasure from the process itself. There is no need to turn sex into a mechanical procedure. The average number of intercourse for mature men is 2-3 times a week.

Is it possible to cure prostatitis with sex: the stagnant form is possible, but only in conjunction with medication support to eliminate the associated infection. With regular contractions, the flaccid gland will tone up, the muscles of its ducts too. They will shrink better and be cleared more completely. The ideal treatment for congestive prostatitis is a combination of active sex and exercise to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

Is it possible to have sex with prostatitis

The possibility of having sex with prostatitis depends on the form in which the disease proceeds. In acute inflammation, intercourse is canceled for two reasons: severe pain and the risk of spreading the infection with active blood flow to other organs of the genitourinary system. A high concentration of pathogens along with prostate juice will pass through the urethra, which can provoke urethritis, balanitis and balanoposthitis. In the urethra, the infection easily rises into the bladder and causes cystitis.

There are cases when sex with exacerbation of prostatitis (without abscess and fever) relieved the condition, but more often men experience severe pain during ejaculation, which does not go away for many hours. In addition, it becomes difficult to urinate due to the resulting swelling.

Oral sex without a condom with prostatitis is undesirable, since bacteria will get on the mucous throats of the partner. From there, staphylococci and other flora pathogenic to the urinary tract can easily penetrate into the urethra of a man. The same goes for anal sex. This is how most men get chronic prostatitis caused by E. coli.

Sex with bacterial and nonbacterial prostatitis

Most doctors agree that non-bacterial prostatitis does not exist. The inflammation must be supported by something. Prostatitis is conventionally called abacterial in cases where it is impossible to identify the pathogen, but this does not mean that there are no pathogens. The infection can be encapsulated in the prostate, as a result of which it does not enter biological fluids and does not appear during the analysis. At the time of ejaculation, such a capsule may well break through and pathogens will enter the semen, and after a few days the partner will feel discomfort in the genitals. For this reason, doctors strongly recommend having sex with any form of prostatitis only in a condom.

In what cases sexual intercourse with prostatitis is undesirable:

  1. For pain and urinary disorders, so as not to provoke an exacerbation.
  2. In case of inflammation caused by excess sex - frequent ejaculations easily provoke inflammation.
  3. During the course of treatment of an active infection, so as not to spread it throughout the body.

Safety Checklist

Safe Sex Conditions for Prostatitis:

  • Mandatory use of a condom for all types of contact.
  • Do not practice prolongation or coitus interruptus. Delaying natural ejaculation will provoke a feeling of fullness and pain in the prostate. In some men, they disappear in an hour or two, in others they remain for several days.
  • Do not abuse sexual contacts.
  • Do not have sex while intoxicated. Dullness of sensations will lead to an increase in the duration of sex, and prolonged tension of the prostate can lead to exacerbation of inflammation.
  • Constant partner. With regular sex, the microflora of men and women adapt to each other, and immunity is developed. Even with protected sex, the pathogen can enter the body with saliva, with tactile contact with the genitals, so promiscuous communication increases the risk of exacerbation of prostatitis. In the chronic form, the cellular immunity of the gland is weakened, even a small group of pathogens will provoke inflammation.
  • Masturbation with prostatitis will not replace normal sex and, if abused, is even harmful.

Note that despite the fact that during masturbation ejaculation occurs and the ducts are cleared, the man does not move - the blood rushes in locally, there is no full outflow during ejaculation, hence stagnation (congestion).

It is also not worth getting involved in masturbation as a preventive measure. From prolonged abstinence, if there is no agonizing need for sex, there will be no harm. If there is a need, then it is necessary to satisfy it with the help of masturbation, but not more than 3 times a week. The best prevention of stagnation is regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

If an aggravation occurs after sex

If after ejaculation the pain intensifies and urination worsened, you can drink something from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: "Ibuprofen" and others to relieve inflammatory edema. If the condition does not stabilize within 1-2 hours, you should consult a doctor.


What to Remember:

  1. Sex is a good cure for prostatitis, but it should be of high quality and desirable.
  2. Everything is good in moderation. Excessive ejaculation will tire the gland and cause aggravation.
  3. Masturbation is not a substitute for full sex and not gymnastics for the prostate. You can resort to self-gratification only in the absence of a partner and provided there is a natural sexual desire.
  4. In the treatment of acute prostatitis, one should refrain from sexual intercourse.