Prostatitis y men: characteristics, treatment

Inflammation of the prostate tissue is a very common disease, which most often occurs in men of reproductive age.

The main symptoms of this disease are disorders of sexual function, urination, ejaculation, and pain in the lower abdomen. The symptoms can be similar, but in any case, you should consult a doctor.

Prostatitis y men

Features of this disease depends on many factors, however, today there is no problem to complex treatment, as the drugs are available in sufficient quantity.

Causes of prostatitis

The causes of this disease can be very different. First, the prostatitis can arise from infections that are transmitted sexually.

Sexually transmitted can be transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, herpes, fungus, Candida, etc Violation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs can also cause prostatitis.

One of the common causes is the disturbance of the immune system, as well as long-term abstinence sexual intercourse. Frequent hypothermia, stress, hormonal imbalance may also cause this unpleasant disease.

Types of prostatitis

In medicine, prostatitis is commonly classified depending on the causes and forms of disease.

For the same indicators prostatitis happens:

  • sharp;
  • chronic;
  • bacterial;
  • calculous;
  • stagnant;
  • infectious;
  • purulent.

As the statistics shows, in most cases, this disease does not cause bacterial cause. Each species has its own characteristics and requires corresponding treatment. Many people hide this disease, however it is very dangerous, as the disease is cancer in nature.


Symptoms depend on the type of disease. The symptoms can be very different. The most common and primary syndrome are pain. A man may feel pulling, cutting, aching pain. There are also secondary symptoms that are associated with the violation of urination.

If a person suffers from an acute form of the prostate, the first symptom may be a fever. Immediately after that start of lower back pain and abdomen. Chronic prostatitis has the same symptoms that have an acute form. If time does not go to the doctor, then eventually problems will arise, and in the intimate sphere, which may adversely affect the erection and, in the end, lead to reduced libido.



The effectiveness and efficiency of the treatment of any disease, including prostate, basically depends on the correct diagnosis.

Diagnosis of this disease can include urine test, blood test, digital rectal examination, computed tomography, cystoscopy, semen analysis, ultrasound prostate Transmarine, PCR-analysis. Often the proper and most accurate diagnosis will help to quickly get rid of this disease.

Using the diagnostics you can find out which type of prostatitis the patient has and what treatment to apply. Accurate diagnosis can only be obtained from a specialist using suitable equipments.


To treatment prostate should be treated seriously. Treatment of chronic of the prostate today is one of the most difficult tasks, because it is the treatment of this disease doctors causes a lot of controversy about the use of drugs. Treatment special place is occupied by the immunomodulators. Medicine offers a wide range of drugs and medicines, but the prostate can be treated folk methods. A long time in the treatment of this disease used pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds contain lots of zinc, that helps a man of any age. To prevent unwanted problems in any case, it is necessary to address to the urologist.


The cause of the inflammation of the prostate gland is often considered to be infection, so most often this disease affects men with a weak immune system. For the prevention of disease is of immense importance, Smoking cessation, restriction of alcohol, refusal of drugs, avoidance of hypothermia. It is desirable to lead an active lifestyle, exercise or physical therapy. In addition, it is prohibited to prolonged sexual abstinence or, conversely, prolonged sexual arousal.

Antibiotic therapy

One of the most common and frequently used methods of treatment of prostatitis is antibiotic therapy. However, such treatment is not indicated for everyone.

Taking antibiotics is necessary if the patient has acute or chronic prostatitis. Antibiotics can also be used as the test treatment. In order to definitively find out whether the patient needs antibiotic treatment, the doctor needs to perform a number of necessary studies.

Prostate treatment


Prostatitis can be treated with special massage. Prostate massage is carried out to obtain the secrets of the prostate, to apply effective methods of treatment or conduct laboratory research.

Prostate massage is mandatory for all men. With the help of massage can activate blood circulation, and has a positive impact.

Prostate massage is performed rectally with the help of a urologist or at home with his wife. Massage is one of the most effective ways of treatment of the prostate.

Physical therapy

Physical methods of influence during the treatment of prostatitis are of great importance. Physiotherapy treatments have a positive effect on the General condition of the patient.

Physiotherapy improves blood circulation, which ensures delivery of drugs and antibiotics in the gland. In addition, physical therapy helps to improve lympha fluunt, activates the metabolism and facilitates the evacuation of secretions of the prostate.

Note that physical treatments can be used in combination with other drugs.

Herbal medicine

Phytotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis has numerous advantages.

Unlike traditional options, herbal medicine does not cause any side effects, so you can use it long enough. In addition, medicinal herbs can be combined with each other, they can be used in the form of solutions, tinctures, decoction or juice.

The therapeutic effect is greatly increased especially if you use Phono, electro or magneto-pros, herbal remedies. Any type of prostate can be treated with medicinal herbs.


Psychotherapy in the treatment of prostatitis

Psychotherapy is an effective method and has a positive effect in the treatment of prostatitis. This method is particularly relevant if the patient is suffering chronic prostatitis.

However, it can be used in all kinds of sexual disorders. Here most importantly, the patient himself will be able to properly assess the situation and to perceive their illness.

The psychological impact is of great importance in all stages of treatment, this is why many patients who suffer from prostatitis, prefer to undergo regular psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is of different types, and only a doctor after the diagnosis determines what type the patient requires.


Laporoscopic and endoscopic techniques are new types of treatment of prostatitis with surgery. Surgical intervention is necessary in such cases, if the disease is acute and apparent symptoms of the adenoma. With the help of surgery is completely removed adenoma.

Medicine today is so developed that you can also do laser surgery. In the world of surgery is a particularly popular method of green laser. In order to avoid surgery, the patient should be in time to see a urologist.


Immunocorrective during treatment of prostate is especially important since prolonged use of drugs and antibiotics have a negative impact on the immune condition of the person.

Indeed, treatment of prostatitis not only involves freeing the prostate from infection, but immune status to the disease doesn't happen again.

That's why the doctor prescribes the appropriate medications can help to boost the immune system. If necessary, you need to consult an immunologist and carry out special tests.


When filling of the prostate is necessary to build a special diet. In chronic prostatitis man should completely give up alcohol and Smoking.

Nutrition for prostatitis

It is also necessary to refuse from fat food, from carbonated drinks, strong tea, fruits, which contain large amounts of acid, mushrooms, semi-finished products, etc. the Food should contain large amounts of cruciferous vegetables.

For example, horseradish, parsnips, mustard, parsley, etc. must also have as many natural fruits and vegetables. They will help to accelerate treatment process and prevent cancer.

The popular treatment

From prostatitis is not insured, no representative of the stronger sex. However, not all men go to the doctor for an effective and definitive treatment of the problem. Many of them prefer to treat people's properties.

At home to treat prostatitis, you can use the extract of propolis. Onion seeds and melon seeds are also known methods. Bee honey is an excellent option if the patient is suffering chronic prostatitis. Just need to apply three tablespoons of honey before eating.

In any case, if you notice even small signs of this disease, you should always consult a doctor-urologist.