What drugs for prostatitis are inexpensive and more effective - a list

fast acting drugs for prostatitis

At the first symptoms of prostate inflammation, you should choose the most effective prostatitis medicine that will reduce the possibility of complications.

What is prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis, a sea of ​​medicines was invented in various forms, which are convenient to take at home and at work, without interrupting the treatment even for a moment.

Prostate inflammation often affects males, but it is getting younger. If earlier only people over forty suffered from inflammation of the prostate, now a sedentary lifestyle reduces the age of the sick to twenty-five years.

The disease is an inflammatory process of the tissues of the prostate gland, it can go from an acute form to a chronic one.

Acute degree will have more severe symptoms than chronic asymptomatic prostatitis. The main signs of prostate inflammation are:

  • acute pain in the groin area;
  • discomfort in the perineum and scrotum;
  • pain in the lower back;
  • sharp pain when urinating, which resembles labor pains;
  • decrease in urine stream and its intermittent;
  • feeling of full bladder;
  • constant urge to urinate;
  • decreased erectile function;
  • decrease in male libido.

How to choose a medicine against prostate inflammation

A properly selected drug for the inflammatory process will help relieve a man of possible complications and problems during treatment, since later the disease develops into a prostate adenoma.

The wealth of fast-acting medicines and their forms allows you to quickly and effectively cure an illness at any stage, without getting any problems from complications and side effects.

In order for the disease to recede as soon as possible, you should use a complex and individually selected therapy. When choosing effective drugs for prostatitis, experts advise paying close attention to:

  • the age of a particular patient;
  • the degree of development of the inflammatory process;
  • additional diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • existing allergic reactions and characteristics of the body;
  • contraindications for use.

A fast-acting drug should be focused not only on eliminating the main symptoms of the disease, but also on stabilizing the psychological background. It is necessary to understand that the patient has acute pain, discomfort and problems with sexual function, so he feels insecure, often aggressive, irritated and worries about his future.

If you choose the right medicine for prostatitis in men, it will quickly help get rid of the piquant problem and restore reproductive function bypassing allergic reactions and side effects.

Types of medicines used

The most effective and effective remedy for inflammation of the prostate in nature does not exist. There is not a single professional doctor in the world who will advise a fast-acting universal treatment, since its selection is strictly individual.

Any urologist will provide men with a very voluminous list of inexpensive but most effective drugs against inflammation of the prostate gland, which will be distributed depending on the form and neglect of the disease. For more effective treatment, all medications should be taken in combination so as not to get into a state of chronic prostatitis and to minimize unpleasant symptoms as much as possible.

All types of drugs for the treatment of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland are divided into the following groups:

  • antibacterial- means that are vital for those in whose body viruses or bacteria have settled, which led to the transition of the disease into an acute form; high-quality antibiotics can be beneficial only if pathogenic flora is found in the secret of the prostate; in order for the therapy to take effect, its course of treatment should be as long as possible and be at least a month;
  • alpha blockers- inexpensive drugs for real men that can quickly normalize the process of urination by relaxing the walls of the urinary tract; can relieve sphincter spasms, establish the correct outflow of urine and seminal fluid, normalize pressure on the bladder and reduce the number of urination per day;
  • relaxants for the muscular system- drugs that are similar to the previous ones, but their main action is aimed at stimulating the muscles of the perineum; they are relatively inexpensive and effectively help reduce muscle tone, while simultaneously lowering the pressure on the pelvic organs and reducing pain;
  • tablets with analgesic effect- have only a short-term effect of eliminating pain in the lower abdomen and groin area;
  • phytopreparations- medicines for prostatitis are inexpensive, but effective if taken constantly for a long time, since the phytopreparation tends to accumulate in the body and only then give the necessary therapeutic effect; this list includes tablets based on plant raw materials (pumpkin seeds, sabal and creeping palm), reviews of which are purely positive; they are able to reduce the swelling of the prostate and perineum, removing excess fluid from the body as quickly as possible;
  • sedative type- designed for those cases when problems arise not only with a physical, but also a psychological state; taking medication helps reduce the risk of depression and stress; the problem will most often be associated with the fact that it is difficult for men to accept inferiority in a sexual sense, which causes misunderstanding, fear and unreasonable anger towards others;
  • individually selected complexes of vitamin products- high-quality and affordable vitamins can significantly increase immunity and strengthen the body, empowering it to treat a piquant ailment.

Rules for the selection of medicines

It is impossible to find fast-acting, inexpensive drugs for prostatitis, which have practically no side effects and contraindications, but from several essential drugs it is really possible to prepare a complex that can effectively help solve the problem.

Properly selected remedies for treatment do not allow inflammation of the prostate gland to develop into a chronic form, if they are prescribed by a professional urologist who is familiar with the course of the disease of a particular patient.

You will have to take the prescribed medications every day for a long time to achieve a lasting result. For a drug from the list to be beneficial, it must be selected depending on:

  • the general condition of the patient;
  • results of analyzes carried out in the laboratory;
  • stage of the disease.

Only a urologist must select a medicine, since self-medication can lead to the selection of an affordable medicine, which:

  • affects the gastrointestinal tract;
  • destabilizes the immune system;
  • causes allergic reactions;
  • causes a rash on the skin;
  • gives impetus to the appearance of benign or malignant tumors in the area of ​​the prostate gland.

Some medications are able to relieve the main symptoms, but do not eliminate common problems; according to numerous reviews on social networks, they simultaneously cause dependence on a specific expensive medication.

Forms of drugs for prostatitis

The list of drugs for prostatitis that will have to be taken during treatment can be quite extensive.

It is customary to distinguish such forms of drugs as:

  • instillations- drugs that are injected directly into the urethra and begin to act almost instantly, but it will not be possible to manipulate on their own;
  • injections- they are able to quickly activate the activity of the vascular and immune systems, they are introduced into the body in the form of injections, therefore they quickly penetrate into the affected systems;
  • microscopic enemas- the most controversial from the point of view of doctors around the world, because they do not understand whether they belong to homeopathy, medicine or folk remedies; they are more often used for prevention than for effective treatment;
  • non-steroidal drugs that relieve inflammation- drugs that can reduce the level of the inflammatory process, while increasing the body's ability to resist the disease;
  • rectal suppositories- means that are able not only to anesthetize the perineum and genital area, but also to rapidly stimulate metabolism;
  • classic pills- medicines that should be taken in order to reduce the activity of bacteria, but only after the tests have been passed and the exact list of microbes that will have to be exterminated has been established.

Do not think that you will have to use the same drugs all the time, since their list changes according to the effectiveness in each case and the feedback from the patients themselves.

In the event that the drug caused an allergic reaction or proved to be ineffective, the urologist will prescribe additional tests or diagnostic studies to change the drug to a more effective one.

Some medicines for prostatitis

In order to find a high-quality drug that will help eliminate the symptoms and complications of prostate inflammation, you should contact a urologist who will prescribe the appropriate drug.

For effective treatment of prostatitis, one should resort to the traditional drug regimen, since traditional methods and self-medication can only aggravate the course of the disease.

In this case, an insidious ailment can lead to the degeneration of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland into prostate adenoma or oncology.