Treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies

Wanting to enhance the effect of drug therapy, men begin to use folk remedies for prostatitis. There are many ways to treat inflammation of the prostate gland, which are represented by alternative medicine. Most of them really help to achieve a significant improvement in overall health, as well as relief of the main signs of the disease.

Basic principles of therapy

how and how to treat prostatitis in men

Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies is based on a number of rules and principles that must be taken into account. A man must understand that they alone are not able to relieve him of the disease. You will need to make a complete lifestyle change to improve your health. Home treatment for acute or chronic prostatitis is to normalize work and rest, give up bad habits, and follow a therapeutic diet. Regular physical activity is of great importance in this matter.

Treatment of chronic or exacerbated prostatitis in men at home must be comprehensive. Even the most effective folk methods will not work if a man refuses to take medication. The latter are always the basis of the therapeutic course. Unconventional treatments only complement it.

Folk remedies will not replace medication, but will strengthen and complement it.

The attending physician must approve a therapy based on folk remedies. Treatment of various types of prostatitis at home should be under his control. If necessary, the specialist will recommend supplementing the course with massage or other physiotherapy.

Carefully study the recipes for the treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies. Patients are only suitable for those that do not contain components that can cause an allergic reaction in them. It is also worth giving up on self-prepared medicines, which can reduce the effectiveness of pharmaceutical preparations.

Choosing the treatment of chronic or exacerbated prostatitis with folk remedies, the patient should be ready for long-term therapy. Unlike drugs, they act rather slowly. Therefore, to see results, it is necessary to take the selected herbal home remedies for a long time.

Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds for the treatment of prostatitis

If the diagnosis shows that the patient has prostatitis, he can try to cure it at home. Pumpkin seeds will help to cope with inflammation in the prostate gland. They received a lot of positive feedback from men who have tried this treatment method on themselves. Pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of zinc, which is required by the male body. Often this particular product is recommended to people who are asking questions about what should be the prevention of prostatitis with folk remedies. To prevent the development of a pathological process in the gland, it is enough to eat 30 raw seeds every day, regardless of food intake.

There is a popular recipe for a pumpkin seed medicine. It is recommended for men who suffer from prostatitis. Alarming symptoms and general malaise will subside as soon as the patient treats this remedy at home. Prepare it as follows:

  1. 500 g of seeds must be thoroughly chopped in a blender or meat grinder;
  2. Pour the resulting mixture into a bowl and pour 200 ml of liquid honey;
  3. All ingredients must be mixed well;
  4. Several small balls should be rolled out of them, which are then sent to the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

The finished medicine is recommended to eat 1 ball twice a day before sitting at the dinner table.

Pumpkin seeds can also be used to prevent male problems.

Beekeeping Products

Traditional treatments for prostatitis include recipes based on bee products. They have a beneficial effect not only on the prostate gland, but also on the body as a whole.

treatment of prostatitis with bee products

Natural honey is often used by people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, as it helps to prevent their recurrence at home.

Here's how to treat inflammation in the gland with bee products:

  1. Pollen and honey.The first product should be eaten at 2 tsp. 3 times a day before meals. Natural honey for medicinal purposes can be consumed in 1 tbsp. l. in the morning before breakfast;
  2. Underwater.Prostatitis can be cured at home with this product if you take 1 tbsp for several weeks. l. three times a day to take medicine made from 2 tbsp. l. main ingredient and 500 ml of water. This mixture must be boiled and held on the stove for 2 hours. After taking podmore, you should eat 1 tsp. honey;
  3. Propolis tincture 20%.Such a folk remedy for prostatitis in guys and men, before taking, should be dissolved in an amount of 40 drops in 100 ml of drinking water. Take this medicine half an hour before meals. It is advisable to drink it on drink within 45 days;
  4. Propolis suppositories.Prevention of chronic prostatitis in guys and men at home can be done with homemade suppositories. To make them, you need to evaporate 40 g of the main product in 200 ml of alcohol. This extract is thoroughly mixed with cocoa butter in an amount of 2 g. After the mass is rolled into small candles. They are injected into the anus at bedtime for 30 days.

Alternative medicine experts recommend combining home remedies from beekeeping products for chronic prostatitis in men with herbal medicine.

Before starting treatment, it is important to make sure that you are not allergic to bee products.


Chaga is a fungus that helps heal inflammation in the prostate gland. Often it is recommended to use it for patients who are interested in the prevention of prostatitis in men of different ages with folk remedies. There are several recipes for making chaga:

  1. Broth.Mushroom drink should be brewed from this product. After straining, the broth is taken for 2 weeks, ½ cup daily;
  2. Hazel decoction.This recipe uses 1 tsp. dried mushroom and 1 tbsp. l. chopped hazelnut leaves. These components need to be boiled over low heat for 5 minutes. The cooled broth is taken 3 times a day for 1 tbsp. l. 30 minutes before meals.

It will be possible to cure prostatitis with folk remedies based on chaga if the patient adheres to the dosage of the medication and the frequency of its administration.


the use of mummy for the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is treated and prevented with folk remedies, during the preparation of which a mummy is used. This product is absolutely harmless to the human body. With its help, it is possible to suppress the spread of infection in the prostate, as well as reduce the inflammatory process.

Shilajit can be used to treat or prevent prostatitis as follows:

  1. Oil candles are made from natural products. It is required to moisten sterile cotton swabs in a composition made from mummy and sea buckthorn oil. Both ingredients must be mixed with each other in a ratio of 1: 20. Insert the candle only after bowel movement. It is kept in the rectum until there is a pronounced urge to defecate;
  2. 3 tbsp. l. the mass obtained from crushed mummy tablets must be dissolved in water. The medicine should be taken 25 g 3 times a day about 1 hour before meals.

Mummy remedies fight well the signs of inflammation in the prostate gland. This can be confirmed by many patients with this diagnosis. The product fights the symptoms of the pathological process. Therefore, after treatment, the patient becomes better. If a man is not sure whether he should take such medications, he can ask a doctor how to deal with prostatitis with the help of a mummy and whether he needs such therapy.

Shilajit is also used in the treatment of many other diseases.


The main signs of infection of the prostate gland will remove tar. This natural product has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, therefore it is recommended for patients who want to learn how to relieve an attack of prostatitis at home.

Traditional medicine suggests using the following remedies for prostatitis:

  1. Rectal mixture with tar.The main ingredient of the recipe needs to be heated and combined with propolis tincture (3 drops). The finished medicine must be injected into the anus with a pipette. It is advisable to adhere to such therapy for about 1-2 months.
  2. Tar water.It is necessary to mix the main component with water in a ratio of 1: 8 to each other. It takes 5 minutes to boil the medicine on the stove, then pour into a jar and insist under a closed lid for 2 days. If foam forms on the water, it must be removed. Such a remedy is drunk with prostatitis 20 minutes before meals, 100 ml each. So it is indicated in the recipe for traditional medicine. It is recommended to continue treatment for 10 days, after which there should be a break for 10 days. After this time, it is allowed to continue therapy, but then the break will be 20 days.

Folk remedies with tar should be used with caution in the treatment of prostatitis in young and older men. Do not exceed the optimal duration of therapy, as an excessive amount of a natural product can harm the body.

Infusion of hazel

Alternative methods of treatment with hazel help eliminate prostatitis. An infusion is usually made on the basis of this product. During cooking, use the leaves or bark of the plant.

It is required to take 1 st. l. bark or leaves of hazel and brew it in 1 cup boiling water. For half an hour, the product must be insisted under a tight lid. After the medicine is filtered and drunk in a quarter of a glass 4 times a day.


parsley for the treatment of prostatitis in men

Parsley will not only reduce inflammation, but also increase potency.

Treatment of prostatitis with antibiotics, which is carried out at home, is recommended to be supplemented with folk remedies from parsley. This spicy herb helps with inflammation in the body. In addition, it has a positive effect on sexual function in men.

It is recommended to treat the prostate gland with parsley juice. Getting rid of the disease in this way does not require special financial investments. From books on alternative medicine, you can learn how to get rid of prostatitis at home with parsley. It is usually advised to take 1 tbsp. l. juice from the plant 3 times a day before meals.

Parsley seeds are just as useful. 4 tspthe product must be crushed to a powder state and diluted in 1 glass of boiling water. The product needs to be boiled for about 15 minutes. When cooled, it is taken up to 6 times a day for 1 tbsp. l.


Prophylaxis, as well as therapy for prostatitis at home, can be carried out with wormwood remedies. This plant helps with various types of inflammation, as it copes well with pyogenic infections. To undergo a full course of treatment with this method, you need to get only 100 g of wormwood, which has been previously dried. It must be taken in a grated form. Also, on the basis of the plant, decoctions are made for douching directly into the urethra.

Traditional methods of treating prostatitis in men, which involve the use of wormwood, are used as follows:

  • During the first 3 days, you need to use a small pinch of wormwood in powder form every 2 hours. It needs to be moistened with saliva and washed down with water. Too long breaks should not be allowed, even at night, because because of this, alternative treatment for prostatitis may not work;
  • For the next 4 days, you need to stop taking the medicine at night. During the day it is consumed 5-6 times;
  • It is recommended to additionally do wormwood enemas every evening. About 50 ml of the agent is required to be injected into the anus. It is best to do the procedure before bed. 50 ml of medicine is also injected into the urethra. All this must be done within 7 days.

Folk remedies for chronic or acute prostatitis must be combined with a strict diet, which requires avoiding sweets, dairy products, animal protein and fish. Alcohol and smoking are also banned.

Experts warn that patients who use these methods without medication for prostatitis at home may face an exacerbation of latent diseases.


aspen bark prostatitis treatment

Of all the parts of the aspen, the bark is the most effective.

When asked how to treat prostatitis at home, alternative medicine experts often recommend aspen-based remedies. Almost all parts of this tree have healing properties. Most often, effective drugs for prostatitis are prepared from aspen bark, since it is she who fights well with the inflammatory process.

Folk remedies from aspen are good because they can be combined with medicines, as well as physiotherapy, in which an apparatus is used to treat chronic prostatitis at home.

The following are folk recipes for prostatitis that mention aspen:

  1. Tincture.It is prepared from 500 g of aspen bark and 500 ml of alcohol. This mixture must be infused for 2 weeks in a dark place under a closed lid. The tincture is best taken 30 drops before meals;
  2. Ointment.For its preparation, you need aspen buds, or rather, their extract. To get it quickly and after treatment of prostatitis, you need to infuse a mixture of 50 g of kidneys and 50 ml of alcohol for a whole week. Later, the extract is mixed with interior fat and cocoa butter. The ointment is ready. It can be used to treat the inflamed area;
  3. Tea.The medicinal properties of this drink help fight the signs of prostatitis. It is prepared from 3 liters of water and a vegetable mixture, which includes aspen twigs, bark and buds. Tea should be held for 10 minutes over low heat. The finished broth is filtered and drunk several times a day in a cup. Supplements in the form of honey and rose hips help to enhance the effect of the drink.

In order not to have problems with prostate diseases in the future, it is worth stocking up with useful raw materials from aspen in advance.

Herbal Collection

Herbal medicine is especially popular among men, as it is easiest to treat chronic or exacerbated prostatitis with herbs at home. This therapy should be continued for a month. After that, it is advisable to take a ten-day break. In this case, one should not forget about the medical treatment of prostatitis, which is also carried out at home.

Folk remedies made from the following fees help prevent the development of prostatitis:

  1. Hazel, birch leaves, horsetail grass. Each ingredient is taken in equal amounts. To carry out effective treatment of prostatitis not in the hospital, but at home, you need to prepare a decoction of 4 tbsp. l. ready-made herbal mixture and 1 liter of water. The medicine is boiled for 7 minutes and insisted for 1 hour. Take it half a glass three times a day;
  2. herbal preparations for the treatment of prostatitis
  3. Rose hips, hawthorns, marsh creeper, pharmaceutical chamomile, meadowsweet flowers, birch, lingonberry, fireweed, dandelion, knotweed, medicinal sweet clover and wintergreen. The ratio of all components should be 10: 10: 5: 4: 4: 3: 3: 3: 3: 2: 2. 8 Art. l. herbal collection you need to pour 2 liters of hot water and insist all night. After straining, the infusion is drunk in 5-8 glasses a day;
  4. Black elderberry flowers, nettles, toadflax, immortelle, tansy, celandine, yarrow and lemongrass. Ingredients are taken in 1 part. Further 2 tbsp. l. plant composition is poured with 300 ml of hot water. Then the mixture is heated in a water bath for about 15 minutes. When the medicine is infused for about 1 hour, it will need to be taken half a glass three times a day;
  5. Lingonberry leaves, birch, sage, cinquefoil, horsetail grass, nettles. According to this recipe, take 1 part of each plant. After 2 tbsp. l. herbal collection is poured with water in an amount of 300 ml. The mixture, as in the previous method, takes 15 minutes to hold in a water bath and to insist for 1 hour before use.

There are other preparations for the preparation of medicinal infusions and decoctions that work well with signs of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland. These funds are first aid for chronic prostatitis, which can reduce the severity of the symptoms of the disease.

It is important to follow the recipe and proportions.

Fruit and vegetable juices

The most pleasant and no less effective folk way to treat prostatitis is to take vegetable and fruit juices. The best freshly prepared drinks have a positive effect on the functioning of the whole body. They cope well with diseases of various organs and systems.

Fruit and vegetable juices have the following properties:

  • Reduce the severity of the inflammatory process;
  • Reduce the negative impact on the affected organ of the infectious agent;
  • Restore weakened sexual function.

Men should look at freshly made juices made from plant-based products grown in gardens, greenhouses and vegetable gardens:

  1. Beets;
  2. Tomatoes;
  3. Cucumbers;
  4. Carrots;
  5. Asparagus;
  6. Watermelon;
  7. Garnet;
  8. Parsley;
  9. Spinach.

Juices can be drunk individually or made into healthy cocktails. It is recommended for problems with the prostate to take 500 ml of these drinks per day in order to feel the healing effect.

If a man was advised to use a special device for treating a certain form of prostatitis at home, and also prescribed medication, he can try to combine therapy with folk remedies that will enhance its effect and effectiveness.