What devices are used in the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma

All men of different ages are susceptible to the occurrence of various diseases of the prostate gland. This is especially true for persons who are in the so-called risk group. At the moment, doctors are increasingly diagnosing diseases such as prostatitis or prostate adenoma. Naturally, these pathologies require effective treatments.

In addition to existing therapeutic and surgical techniques, physiotherapy can also be distinguished. To facilitate the treatment of diseases, special devices have been created that eliminate the inflammatory process and benign neoplasms. Such a device for the treatment of prostatitis or prostate adenoma allows you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms in a short time and make a man feel better.

Use of modern devices in the treatment of prostate diseases

device for the treatment of prostatitis in men

Use of devices for home treatment is possible only after a complete examination of the patient and the appointment of the necessary recommendations. In order not to visit the physiotherapy room every day, you can purchase a special device for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

The following types of devices can be distinguished here:

  • transrectal device;
  • non-invasive device;
  • thermal exposure device;
  • magnetic devices;
  • laser devices;
  • ultrasonic devices;
  • vibration stimulators;
  • electrical appliances;
  • anti-parasitic devices.

Transrectal devices

The transrectal device for home treatment allows targeted action on the prostate gland area, thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect, relieving unpleasant symptoms and promoting a speedy recovery.

The principle of their action is quite simple, as a result of which the swelling of the genitourinary organs is reduced and blood circulation in the prostate is improved.

Since transrectal access is carried out directly through the rectum, the following contraindications will be a limitation to the use of devices:

  • prostate cancer or tuberculosis;
  • presence of hemorrhoids, fissures, inflammation and oncological diseases of the rectum and anus.

In other cases, such a device for the treatment of prostatitis enhances drug therapy and quickly relieves unpleasant symptoms.

Ultrasonic devices

An ultrasound device for the treatment of prostatitis or prostate adenoma has a therapeutic effect using a special ultrasound generated by vibration. If the patient uses such a device for the treatment of prostate adenoma or the treatment of prostatitis, after a short period of time, signs of a positive effect on muscle tone can be noticed, as well as a noticeable elimination of congestion in the prostate gland.

Antiparasitic devices

antiparasitic devices for the treatment of prostatitis

Antiparasitic devices for the treatment of diseased organs act by means of bioresonance. With the help of resonance waves, a therapeutic effect on muscle tissue occurs, as a result of which the severity of the inflammatory process and edema phenomena are noticeably reduced.

These devices also help in eliminating such symptoms:

  • problems with urination;
  • sensation of pain and burning in the perineum;
  • decreased sex drive.

Vibration stimulators

Vibration stimulators allow you to calmly get rid of diseases of the genitourinary system in a short period of time, enhancing the effect of drug therapy. Such procedures can be performed both at home and in a medical facility.

What is the effectiveness of the apparatus? Under the influence of acoustic vibration, muscle tone improves, stagnation decreases, and lymph flow, as well as blood circulation of organs, is accelerated.

Laser devices

Laser therapy is exposed to infrared radiation of reduced efficiency. They have a good ability to penetrate both skin cells and the walls of the rectum.

As a result of this therapy, the processes of cell regeneration are accelerated. Puffiness is quickly eliminated, tissue immunity is enhanced, and a good analgesic effect is provided, which helps with severe pain. With the combined use of medications and a laser physiotherapy device, the therapeutic effect is enhanced, which affects the speed of recovery.

Non-invasive devices

non-invasive devices for the treatment of prostatitis

The non-invasive device has almost the same principle of action for the treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men, but unlike a transrectal device, a man has no emotional stress, discomfort and physical discomfort, since the procedures are performed by external exposure to the skin. These quantum therapy devices are completely safe, fairly simple to use at home and unpretentious in care.

Non-invasive devices can be equipped with a complex effect on the course of diseases. For example, a device for the treatment of prostate adenoma or prostatitis can combine laser, infrared, LED radiation together with the action of a therapeutic magnetic field.

A treatment course in two or three sessions allows you to relieve swelling, reduce the manifestation of pain, improve the function of erythrocytes and the general well-being of the patient.

Devices of magnetic influence

Magnetotherapy is another way of treating diseases of the genitourinary system in men and eliminating unpleasant symptoms. The healing effect is achieved through magnetic waves.


Such a device for the treatment of prostate adenoma or prostatitis is able to influence the pathological focus of diseases using electrical impulses, which have a regenerative efficiency.

During such a procedure, the following positive effect is exerted on the male body:

devices electrostimulators for the treatment of prostatitis
  • lymphatic circulation is significantly improved;
  • increases the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels;
  • the metabolism of cellular processes is normalized, due to which there is a rapid restoration of damaged tissues.

However, do not forget that this quantum therapy device is electrical, therefore, if implanted and even external pacemakers are installed, as well as a history of heart failure, the use of such devices is strictly prohibited. In any case, a doctor's consultation is required first.

Complex exposure devices

In addition to the above-mentioned medical devices for treating the prostate at home, there are also several physiotherapeutic options for complex effects. Such a device for the treatment of prostatitis or prostate adenoma includes several functional features, thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect.

A device for the treatment of prostate adenoma or prostatitis is an effective and quick solution to the problem. However, such home procedures must be strictly supervised by a doctor. Only a specialist can recommend a specific type of device that suits you in a specific situation, prescribe a course and give his recommendations.