How to quickly cure prostatitis at home in men

causes of prostatitis in men

Treating prostatitis at home quickly is possible. Regardless, a man is tormented by an acute or chronic type of such an impartial disease. Excellent assistants in this delicate matter are recipes of good old folk medicine, and reasonable loads on the body.

Methods for calculating prostatitis

Of course, only a doctor will make an accurate diagnosis for a man. But there are symptoms that will help to calculate prostatitis earlier and the sooner to start treatment. The most common form of prostatitis in men is chronic. It develops slowly, and all signs are revealed only over time.

Symptoms of any type of prostatitis include:

  • Discomfort in the groin or penis;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Constant trips to the toilet.

If the state of health worsens and the pain increases, this indicates the manifestation of an acute form. And its signs are as follows:

  • Painful trips to the toilet;
  • Groin pain;
  • Urinary incontinence;
  • Changes in the general condition of the body for the worse;
  • Temperature rise;
  • Deterioration of erectile function.

After contacting a doctor, a man must be tested. Medicines will help to quickly solve this problem. Their effectiveness will be greatly enhanced by a variety of home treatments.

How to cure prostatitis at home?

There are a myriad of options for how to treat prostatitis at home. For example:

  • Folk remedies;
  • Massages;
  • Physical exercise;
  • Specialized devices for physiotherapy.

All this will help to quickly return to normal strength and general health. High-quality treatment of prostatitis in men at home is possible only in cases where the disease is not complicated by anything. Relapses of prostatitis require more effective therapy.

What folk remedies can offer a man

If a man tries to heal himself at home, taking folk methods as a base, this will provide all possible assistance in relieving pain, eliminating inflammation, and even normalizing going to the toilet. Additionally, it will increase the activity of the whole organism and strengthen its resistance to bacterial diseases.

Hazel decoction

To start treating prostatitis, the bark or leaves of this plant will do. The broth can be made alternately - either from the bark, then from the leaves. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the bark takes longer to brew, because it is much tougher.

The recipe is not complicated at all. A tablespoon of the ingredient is steamed in a glass of hot water. After that, you need to wait half an hour and filter. Taking a decoction inside is prescribed for a quarter of a glass four times a day. And for a new portioned glass, it will be better to take fresh ingredients. It will be enough to drink this broth for one week. This will help speed up the home treatment for prostatitis.


Thanks to wormwood, it will be easy for a man to cure most ailments, including prostatitis. In this case, the most effective way out would be treatment, consisting of taking dried wormwood and washing the urethra with an appropriate decoction.

You need about one hundred grams of dried wormwood. It must be ground, then sieved through a sieve. The course lasts about a week. Dry wormwood can be drunk both before and after eating. One pinch must be swallowed and washed down with water. Washing and enemas will be most convenient in the evenings.

And decoctions are made like this: a teaspoon of dry wormwood is poured with a liter of hot water. When it cools down to about forty degrees, it is filtered. Each procedure needs about fifty milliliters. Enema and washing are carried out using a syringe.

It is necessary to inject sharply into the urethra to ensure good progress through the canal. For each procedure, the syringe must be separate. As a visual aid, videos can be found online for free.

Pumpkin seeds

Their healing effect is due to the fact that they contain a very large amount of zinc. A man can often complain about a lack of zinc. And this is not surprising, because it ensures the health of the body. For treatment with pumpkin seeds, dried seeds are usually taken. But by no means fried.

Approximately 0. 5 kg of pumpkin seeds will be needed for the entire treatment. They must be peeled and consumed without fail. The course should last until these seeds run out. If a man makes such treatment annually, then there are good chances to reduce the likelihood of an exacerbation to zero.

Consumption variations:

  • Three dozen seeds should be eaten before meals every day. But slowly. Chew thoroughly.
  • Pass the peeled, but raw seeds through a blender and add about two hundred grams of honey. It is necessary to mix well, and then roll out balls from the resulting mixture, about the size of a walnut. During treatment, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to eat a couple of these balls. But do not swallow them immediately. These balls should be chewed and sucked for at least a couple of minutes.

Healing with parsley

Parsley is a treasure trove of vitamins. It perfectly helps to relieve inflammation and normalizes erectile function. Despite the fact that parsley is very popular in the culinary field, it is still a healing herb, since it contains a lot of minerals and other useful elements.

For example, 100 grams has a couple of daily values ​​for retinol. If we remember about ascorbic acid, then there is four times more of it than in lemon. Parsley also contains inulin - organic "insulin". It controls blood sugar levels and is also the best source of nutrition for intestinal microflora. This means that it will be an ideal supplement for drugs prescribed by a doctor.

It is important to drink a tablespoon of its juice three times a day, thirty minutes before meals. The seeds of this greenery are equally useful. It is necessary to crush four teaspoons of seeds and pour a glass of hot water, then boil for about fifteen minutes and allow to cool. Drink one tablespoon of this infusion, preferably five times a day.

Treatment of prostatitis with vegetable juices

To perform this kind of home treatment for prostatitis, you need a juicer and standard foods. For example, vegetables. Under the influence of vegetable fluids, the excretion of uric acid is activated in a man. Inflammatory processes in the prostate are slowed down, microbes are destroyed. These juices are very effective:

  • Elderberry - half a glass before meals for ten days in a row;
  • Vegetable - six hundred milliliters each;
  • Asparagus - half a liter day after day.

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis

For the treatment of prostatitis at home, propolis is used as a homemade suppository. It's easy to make them. Pour ten grams of propolis with thirty milliliters of alcohol and let it brew for ten days, remembering to stir. When the deadline is over, the tincture must be put on gas. The alcohol should evaporate until only a brown liquid remains. After that, add twenty grams of butter and, putting the mixture in a water bath, bring it to homogeneity.

This volume of the mixture will make ten candles. Each should be wrapped in foil and put in the refrigerator. A man suffering from inflammation of the prostate gland should use such suppositories in treatment for twenty days. It is advisable to immediately prepare a double portion of the mixture. "Window" - ten days, and after that it is advisable to repeat the course.

Massages to treat prostatitis

For the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, experienced doctors advise men to massage the prostate, in addition to medications. This simple, but very, very effective process can help get rid of chronic prostatitis in any form, including chronic.

Why massages are so effective:

  • Provide secretion fluid outflow;
  • Enhance the effectiveness of drug treatment;
  • Increase muscle activity;
  • Stabilize blood flow in the penis;
  • Normalize a man's sexual function.

Massage can be performed rectally or by influencing the inguinal tissues.

Prostate massage is called the most effective. Access to it opens through the opening of the anus. A man is able to do this massage on his own, he can ask a loved one. But it would be better to seek help from a doctor. The prostate itself is very delicate and it is easy to damage it.

If it is nevertheless decided to carry out such a massage at home, a man can use special massagers or ask his wife for this delicate service. If this is your first time doing the process yourself, it's best to look for related free videos.

Simplified type of massage - external. A little less effective, but a relief for men is that no penetration is required. It is necessary to press and make circular gestures in the groin area. You can also take massagers.

If they are not there, it is allowed to take something from the available means. An alternative would be a tennis ball. He is placed on a chair, and the man sits on it and gently rolls back and forth. This procedure can be repeated several times a day. But this massage must be done right in the morning. Just five minutes will be enough.

An important point: in order for such a massage at home to give the required healing effect and not cause any damage, it is necessary to clearly understand where the prostate gland is located. All movements must be done very carefully. It is necessary to remember about contraindications.

When massage is not allowed:

  • There are stones or cysts in the prostate;
  • Symptoms of a malignant tumor;
  • Acute prostatitis.

Exercise and other treatments for prostatitis

There is no better prevention than frequent exercise for the disease that results from congestion. If prostatitis already has a place to be, simple loads on the body will quickly help a man to cure it. There is no particular need to do them day after day. Three times a week is enough.

It will not be superfluous to go to a small course of specialized healing physical education in a polyclinic. But most of the exertion will be able to provide effective treatment for prostatitis at home. You don't need to put in any super-big efforts, no special conditions are needed either. But these loads will be an ideal addition to the previously chosen treatment, which will quickly and effectively get rid of prostatitis at home.


This exercise is as physically exhausting as it is effective. Squats help stabilize blood flow in your pelvic organs, including your prostate. It is advisable to sit down a hundred times. But there is no need to do the whole hundred at once. It would be better to divide this number into two or three approaches with short breaks.

If even in this scenario, a hundred squats is difficult, then it is permissible to start with a much lower number and gradually increase the load. During the lesson, you need to raise your hands up and go down as low as possible.

What other types of physical activity will help in the process of treatment

Squats are far from the only possible load option. To complement the therapeutic workout for a man will help:

  • Lying on your back, you need to pull your legs higher to your chest, grab them and stay in this position for no longer than twenty minutes;
  • Scissors (crossing legs on weight from a prone position) - twenty repetitions;
  • Put your legs together, sit down on a quarter and take turns pushing your knees forward - five minutes twice a day;
  • Raising straight legs from a prone position - twenty times.

There are many free videos of this kind of exercise on the net. Additionally, ordinary walking will be an excellent type of load. It will help stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic area. It is necessary to walk at any occasion - for example, to walk often and stop using the elevator.

Taking warm baths

In order to stimulate blood circulation, a man will benefit from a relaxing bath with warm water from time to time. It is worth considering that the water in the bathroom should not be hot, but warm. And you shouldn't relax there for more than fifteen minutes. To enhance the effect and speed up the treatment, instead of water, you can take herbal decoctions there.

A very important point: a bath should never be taken if the body temperature is elevated - this will only worsen the condition.

Specialized devices that can help in the treatment of prostatitis

The general development of the medical field has led to the creation of many devices to provide feasible assistance in the treatment of prostate ailments. Through them, you can successfully fight prostatitis at home. They stimulate the prostate, stabilize blood flow, and thereby eliminate congestion.

These various fixtures are subdivided into:

  • Vibrating;
  • Laser;
  • Magnetic;
  • Using alternating current.

Each type of these mechanical apparatus has its own advantages. For example, vibrational ones are more effective in destroying stagnation and increasing muscle activity. And magnetic pain relieves, eliminates swelling and inflammation.

As you can see, treating prostatitis in men at home is not so difficult and quite feasible. It is only important to comply with all the instructions and constancy of actions. Then the effect will really be quick and tangible. Prostatitis is not a pleasant diagnosis, but this is far from a verdict. And the sooner and sooner it is discovered, the easier and faster it will be to cure it.