How to treat chronic prostatitis at home

methods of treating chronic prostatitis

Prostatic inflammation is characterized by a chronic or acute course. Such pathologies usually occur against the background of low-pressure congestion, microtraumatic injuries, infections or penetration of pathogens into the urethra. It is perfectly acceptable to treat chronic prostatitis at home, but only under the supervision of specialists.

Therapy for chronic prostatitis can take up to several months, during which patients are advised to take prescribed medications, undergo physiotherapy and massage procedures.

Features of chronic prostatitis

Prostatic inflammation of the chronic form occurs quite often in men 25-50 years of age. This form of pathology is characterized by periodic exacerbations and remission periods, which constantly replace each other.

  • Sometimes inflammation has an infectious origin, developing as a result of damage by bacterial pathogens. The vital activity of these bacteria negatively affects the prostatic tissues, destroying them.
  • There is also non-infectious prostatitis, which is caused by low-basal congestion and other factors. One of the non-infectious prostatic forms is congestive prostatitis, which occurs against the background of congestion.
  • Chronic prostatic inflammation is accompanied by rather unpleasant symptomatic manifestations such as frequent and painful urination, weakening of erectile function, lack of orgasm, or pain in the abdomen and perineum.
  • But it happens that the pathology develops secretly, and manifests itself already at the stage of exacerbation after the chronicity of the inflammatory process.

It is completely impossible to cure chronic prostatitis, but it is quite possible to keep the pathology under control so that it remains in remission for a long time. If an exacerbation occurs, then it is necessary to use drug therapy and home methods.

How to get rid of pain during an attack

Prostate inflammation is treated by a specialist in urological practice, who prescribes the necessary medications and physiotherapy procedures. But sometimes it becomes necessary to relieve an acute attack of pain in prostatitis with home methods. To do this, you can use pills, suppositories or microclysters.

Also, as a first aid for the treatment of exacerbation of prostatitis at home, you can use suppositories or microclysters, which will also be based on anti-inflammatory drugs. It is important to provide the patient with bed rest and rest.

Popular and effective home treatments

Many patients prefer to treat prostatitis at home with alternative medicine. But before using any means, you need to talk about the possibility of such treatment with a treating specialist. Even harmless recipes for traditional medicine are not suitable for everyone, because each patient has individual contraindications.

Home therapy for chronic inflammation of the prostate usually includes the intake of herbal teas, decoctions and infusions, the use of microclysters with solutions of medicinal herbs and medicinal oils, the use of seeds and therapeutic exercises, diet therapy. But you should not treat such funds as a panacea, since it is pointless to be treated with them only. Even the most proven folk remedies cannot replace the use of drug therapy and will not cure pathology. Therefore, even at home, it is better to treat prostatic inflammation with the means prescribed by the urologist, and use non-traditional methods of therapy as a supplement.

Herbal medicine

Traditional medicine has been used for a relatively long time in the treatment of many pathological conditions, including prostatitis.

Herbal home remedies for chronic prostate inflammation have many benefits:

  1. For the preparation of herbal remedies, only natural natural raw materials are used, which cannot harm the body at the correct dosage.
  2. Many synthetic drugs are addictive, which cannot be said about herbal remedies.
  3. You can collect raw materials yourself or buy already dried plants from the pharmacy, which will still cost less than pharmaceuticals.

Treatment of congestive prostatitis with phytotherapy involves the use of home remedies based on plants, fruits, herbs, etc. They contain a lot of valuable trace elements that perfectly help the body in resisting inflammatory lesions of glandular tissues and supply it with useful micronutrients, minerals and other necessarysubstances.


hazel for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Hazel infusion is quite effective in home therapy for prostatitis. For its preparation, the bark or leaves of this tree will do. You can heal with both ingredients, alternating between them. Only the bark must be brewed twice as long as the leaves, because it is tougher, it gives off nutrients longer.

To prepare the medicine, take a large spoonful of leaves or hazel bark, brew it in a glass of boiled water. Leave under the lid for half an hour, filter and take a quarter glass in 4 doses. Usually, after a week of such therapy, the disease can be successfully cured.


Parsley has incredible properties for men. If you eat it regularly, you can support sexual functions, as well as prevent the development of inflammatory lesions in the gland. Parsley is rich in retinol and ascorbic acid, which is four times more in greens than in citrus.

How to cure prostatitis with parsley? Herbalists recommend taking green juice, which should be prepared immediately before taking. A single dose is a tablespoon, you need to take the juice 3 r / d before meals for half an hour. It is also recommended to eat greens in their pure form, adding them to salads, first courses and sandwich masses.


The wormwood herb is very useful in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, which exhibits pronounced anti-inflammatory activity, destroying pyogenic infectious processes. The grass is dried and rubbed with hands. The crushed powder is taken in pure form, literally by a pinch, washed down with water at 6-8 r / d. The course of admission lasts a week.

From the large parts of the plant that remain from the ground powder, it is recommended to prepare a decoction and use it for microclysters, introducing them at night. It is also useful with this tool to flush the urethra, for which you need to inject it into the urethra with a syringe.


aspen for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Helps to cope with chronic prostatitis and aspen tincture, which is prepared from the bark of a tree.

  • They collect raw materials in the middle of spring, when the sap flow processes are just starting.
  • The bark is dried, then put into a jar and poured with vodka.
  • One hundred grams of bark is taken for two hundred milliliters of vodka.
  • Then the container is sealed and shaken well.
  • For aging, they are removed for fourteen days in a dark cabinet.
  • The finished tincture is filtered and taken in twenty drops per fifty milliliters of water.
  • Meals are best distributed before meals.

The resulting tincture should be enough for two and a half months of therapy.


Chestnuts are considered an effective treatment for chronic inflammation of the prostate. For medicinal purposes, they use the bark of chestnut fruits, which are harvested in September. By this time, the crust will have time to accumulate a large number of useful components and will become very valuable in terms of medicinal value.

The bark of chestnuts is dried in a well-ventilated room. Raw materials are brewed with boiling water and taken in a glass. This is the daily dose that is drunk at one time. Drinking such an infusion is recommended for a month. Such a herbal remedy helps to increase appetite, so many men do not take it inside, but use it for microclysters, which are administered at night.


Useful against chronic prostatitis and celandine tincture. It is necessary to pour the grass with alcohol and stand for a week and a half. Then the tincture is filtered and taken one milliliter at a time, diluted in a large spoonful of water. Three doses are taken a day. After the end of the course of therapy, it is necessary to take a break of ten days, then the course is carried out again.


Kalanchoe for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

The plant has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, which helps a weakened gland to fight chronic disease. The components of the Kalanchoe effectively destroy bacterial microorganisms that affect the tissues of the gland. The leaves of the plant are carefully cut, finely chopped and squeezed to obtain a healing juice. Need to get a glass of juice.

Pour ½ l of alcohol into the resulting juice, then insist for 5-6 days in a dark cabinet. The finished tincture normalizes low-blood flow, blood pressure indicators, eliminates swelling and soreness. It is necessary to take the remedy in a small spoon before meals, once a day for one month.

Bee Products

Propolis is considered a popular and effective anti-prostatic agent. This is the bee glue that insects use to seal the holes in the hive. Propolis is rich in numerous microelements, micronutrients, enzymes, organic acids, etc. The remedy is widely used for home treatment of prostatic diseases. Propolis is completely safe for the body, it does not have a negative effect.

The remedy has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects, activates prostatic functions, restores its structure and cures ailments. In the treatment of prostatitis, propolis is used in various forms.

Propolis candles

Propolis suppositories reduce inflammation and pain symptoms, restore the cellular structures of the gland.

  1. You need to freeze a 6-7 gram piece of propolis in the freezer;
  2. Then he is pounded to a crumb state;
  3. Melt 100 g of interior fat in a bath and add crushed propolis to it;
  4. After dissolving the components, mix the mixture thoroughly;
  5. When the mass cools down, it is necessary to carefully mold from it small candles, similar to a torpedo, about 2 cm long (no more).

Suppositories should be inserted rectally after emptying the intestines and washing the perineum. The course of therapy consists of 20 suppositories, then a two-month break, and then again a course of 20 suppositories.

Propolis oil and tincture

propolis for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Propolis in combination with olive oil has incredible healing properties. To prepare the product, you need to mix 80 ml of olive oil and 20 g of crushed propolis, while the oil must be preheated in a bath, and then add crushed propolis to it. Stir the mixture, hold it in the bath for another 20 minutes, stirring occasionally with the medicinal oil.

Then the product is cooled, filtered and used for microclysters, lotions are made on the perineum. Also propolis oil can be taken orally in its pure form or added to milk.


Treatment of prostatic inflammation with seeds of various plants, for example, pumpkin, parsley, flax, is quite common. The most pronounced therapeutic effect against prostatic inflammation has the use of pumpkin seeds. They are rich in zinc, which is necessary for the full production of testosterone and the normalization of hormonal levels.

It is recommended to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds before meals for two months. To increase the effectiveness of the product, it is recommended to pass it through a meat grinder, coffee grinder, and then mix with honey. Roll the balls and suck them one at a time every morning on an empty stomach.

Flaxseed contains a large amount of lignans, which help prevent the effects of carcinogens on the gland and have antitumor properties. Flax seeds also have anti-inflammatory and antifungal, coating, antiparasitic, antiviral, antibacterial and laxative effects. The seeds are added to food or pounded into powder and taken in pure form with water.

Parsley seeds are quite effective in the treatment of prostatic inflammation. It is necessary to grind 4 tablespoons of raw materials to a powdery state. Then the mass is brewed with a glass of boiling water, boiled for a quarter of an hour, cooled and taken in a large spoon for 4-6 r / day.

Oil Treatment

oils for the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Various oils are also effective in treating prostatitis. They are rubbed externally, injected as part of microclysters, taken orally.

For example, grapefruit seed oil has antiviral and antibacterial effects. It is used by diluting 3-5 drops of essential oil in a glass of warm water. Tea tree oil, which has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, is no less useful. Take this remedy drop by drop, diluted in a large spoonful of milk, you can also drop the butter on a small crumb of bread, which is eaten after meals. The duration of therapy is 3 weeks.

Natural juices

Vegetable juices made from cucumbers, carrots, parsley and other vegetables are incredibly useful for prostatic inflammation.

  • Drinks should be prepared immediately before drinking, taking a glass twice a day.
  • If the patient is prone to diarrhea or has an intolerance to any vegetables, it is better to juice carrots and parsley.
  • It is useful to drink ½ liter of asparagus juice a day.
  • You can treat the prostate and pumpkin and carrot juices mixed in equal parts.
  • A cocktail of freshly squeezed beet, cucumber and carrot juices mixed in equal amounts is also beneficial for men with an inflamed prostate. This juice should be taken in 600 ml daily.
  • A drink made from elderberries is also useful, which experts recommend taking on an empty stomach, 100 ml for a 10-day course.

For many men, juice therapy can provoke a short-term increase in temperature, but after a couple of days of such treatment, the thermodynamic parameters return to normal.

Remedial gymnastics

In addition to herbs, juices and other products, it is recommended to perform special therapeutic exercises. Inflammatory processes in prostatic tissues begin due to stagnation in low-basal structures. Moreover, stagnation can affect not only the circulatory system, but also the prostatic secret.

Physical gymnastics helps to improve the patient's condition. Leading urologists recommend choosing training sessions that do not require power loads on the pelvic area. The most optimal sports will be qigong or yoga, kegel exercises on the perineum, walking or running, swimming.

Particular attention should be paid to the Kegel complex, specially designed for training the muscle tissues of the perineum. This gymnastics has a beneficial effect on prostatic functions, helps to restore erectile functions and improve the quality of sexual life.

During training, patients are prohibited from overloading the body. At first, you need to perform elements with a weak load, gradually increasing it, increasing the number of repetitions and the duration of the workout. To avoid complications, a urologist should select the right gymnastic complex.

It is important to adjust the patient's diet, eradicate unhealthy habits and accustom oneself to a normal mode of work, rest and sleep. It is extremely important for men to move more, do some sports, and be more outdoors. Of course, home methods will never be able to replace full-fledged therapy, but they are quite capable of helping to prolong the remission period and prevent the disease.