Treatment of prostatitis in men, medicines, folk remedies

how to treat prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is one of the diseases that can thrill even the strongest man, and the treatment of this ailment should begin at the first sign.

You should not be guided by numerous advertisements and reviews on the Internet - only after accurate diagnosis and doctor's recommendations can you start fighting the disease.

How is prostatitis in men treated, medicines, folk remedies - what exactly to choose for positive results?

Medicines that will effectively deal with the disease

The choice of a medicine that will certainly relieve anxiety and unpleasant symptoms is best left to the doctor, who must first conduct a series of necessary tests. Diagnostics will help determine at what stage of development the disease is, whether additional measures are needed. When treating, one should not forget that every male organism has its own characteristics, they should be taken into account when choosing drugs.

Depending on what symptoms and complications accompany the disease, the doctor may prescribe:

  1. pain medications;
  2. antibacterial drugs;
  3. anti-inflammatory drugs;
  4. adrenergic blockers;
  5. medicines that help to normalize blood flow.

Often an integrated approach may be needed, with the use of several types of drugs of varying degrees of impact. If the disease does not have complications, it is quite possible to use only one or two drugs.

After the doctor has conducted the necessary research, treatment of prostatitis in men, medicines, folk remedies is prescribed - it is quite possible that at the first stages the doctor will recommend a combination of herbal compositions and pharmaceutical preparations.

Folk remedies against prostatitis - as far as possible to defeat an unpleasant disease

Having decided to independently treat prostatitis in men, medications, folk remedies - all this will certainly contribute to a quick recovery from the disease. If only formulations based on plant raw materials are used according to recipes of alternative medicine, you must definitely ask for permission from a doctor who will determine the degree of development of the disease. In the early stages, home remedies are quite capable of defeating the disease.

The simplest and most effective way to deal with the disease quickly and without much hassle is to apply the pumpkin seed treatment. Their main advantage is the content of a huge amount of zinc, which has a wonderful effect on the causative agents of the disease.

You don't need to prepare a special medicine, just eat 30-35 grams daily. this valuable product. It is important that the seeds are not toasted, but simply well dried. You can drink them with water or simply grind them into a fine powder, which can be mixed with a small amount of honey.

Propolis against prostatitis - a simple and effective medicine

Propolis has an excellent effect on inflammatory processes in the body and has antispasmodic properties. On the basis of this bee product, you can prepare a medicine that will cope with an ailment at any stage of development. Compositions prepared on the basis of propolis can be used in combination with other means, both alternative medicine and purchased at the pharmacy.

Preparation of the composition and application of the product:

  1. Mix 180 ml of alcohol and 50 gr. propolis, send to low heat and evaporate for half an hour.
  2. Take 1 ml of the resulting mixture, mix with 5 gr. cocoa butter, make a small candle.
  3. Insert the prepared product into the anus before going to bed.

Duration of treatment - up to one and a half months. After that, you can take a short break (2-3 weeks) and continue using candles. Store a mixture based on alcohol and propolis in a cold place until it is completely cured - it does not deteriorate and does not lose its beneficial properties.

Chestnuts against prostatitis are an effective medicine

Ordinary chestnuts can also be used to make a wonderful remedy that can cure a disease in just three long courses. Before treatment, you should tune in to the fact that the composition significantly increases appetite, so it is quite possible to gain a few extra pounds.

the use of chestnuts for the treatment of prostatitis

Medicine preparation:

  1. Gather ripe chestnuts and peel off their hard brown skin.
  2. Grind the peel into a fine powder; to prepare the product, you will need about 70 gr. substances.
  3. Pour boiling water (600 ml) from the powder obtained from the peel, leave under the lid overnight.
  4. In the morning after filtration, send the liquid to the water bath.
  5. Evaporate the medicine until only 250 ml remains.

Take the medicine in small doses - only 25 drops each. The number of appointments is no more than three per day. Be sure to take the product only before eating. You can drink it with liquid, but a small amount.

Continue the treatment until the end of the prepared composition. After that, take a break (month and a half) and continue taking the chestnut-based medicine.

Healing infusion against disease

Treatment can be carried out with infusion, which is not difficult to prepare. The medicine has remarkable anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, relieves discomfort and pain.

Preparation of the product:

  1. Grind, using a coffee grinder, into fine powder 30 gr. parsley seeds.
  2. Chop 20 g with a knife. inflorescences of calendula.
  3. Pour the prepared plant material with 260 ml of boiling water, leave to infuse for an hour and a half.
  4. Filter the prepared composition.

Drink the prepared product up to 6 times a day, only 25 ml at a time. A prerequisite is that treatment is carried out only before meals. The last intake should take place an hour and a half before going to bed, since the infusion has an excellent diuretic effect.

You can combine the treatment with infusion with suppositories based on propolis. The effect will not be long in coming and the disease will begin to recede within a few weeks. The remedy made from parsley and calendula has no contraindications, but it can cause side effects - short-term nausea or slight dizziness. In such cases, further treatment is undesirable; it is better to try taking other non-traditional means.

Treatment of prostatitis in men, medications, folk remedies - there are not so few options for getting rid of the disease, and you can cope with an unpleasant disease quickly, especially if you react immediately. You should not try to independently influence the disease - only under the supervision of a doctor will the treatment be most effective, and not necessarily with pharmaceutical preparations.