Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies — most effective

Physical activity

Starting the treatment of prostatitis folk remedies, the most effective methods, according to the reviews of experienced professionals will be: exercise and proper diet, all the details are on this website. Prostatitis, according to its properties, is an inflammatory disease and not bacterial. In this regard, the exercises improve blood circulation of prostate will be the most effective in the fight against the disease.

Squats are weight bearing, leg lifts, scissors and other exercises for the lower body – this is all that is necessary for the treatment of this disease. Also, for greater efficiency of treatment, you need to workout to include cardio exercises such as running, jumping, work in the gym for endurance, swimming and Cycling.

Popular recipes

Tincture of aspen of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis in certain recipes – the second effectiveness. However, is used more often than the first, due to the fact that it is easier and not forced to work, and most importantly – delicious! In addition, not all people have the opportunity to play sports, because of any physical limitations or severe obesity.

The most popular are the recipes:

Tea with honey – it is necessary to completely abandon sugar, using diet only honey: 150-200 grams per day. This natural product improves urination, reduces pain and normalizes the body;

  • Pumpkin – may not require any recipe, you only need to drink one glass of pumpkin juice a day to saturate the body with useful vitamins and microelements. Also useful to eat fresh pumpkin seeds, without roasting, as they are composed of more amount of zinc necessary for men. Use in the diet of this vegetable should be no more than a month;
  • Tincture of aspen – bark to collect in the spring with a thickness of about 3-5 mm, then it is necessary to grind and pour the vodka, allowing to infuse for two weeks in the closed light room. To drink 3-4 cups of infusion, diluting 1/4 part water;
  • Also useful for use will be: parsley, onion, garlic, dill, cranberry, ginger, and peanuts.

Healing herbs

Wormwood and celandine – is readily available herbs, which very well help in the initial stages of treatment as they reduce pain spasms and help restore the urinary system.

Wormwood can be used in a dry form, with a pinch of herbs with water at every meal. If there is still on hand, and thyme, you can make broth in a ratio such that wormwood was 4 times more. To be taken an hour before food for one month.

In the treatment of celandine, you need to get his juice and add a few drops in a glass of boiled water. To drink such drinks in a day, you need at least 10.