Treatment of prostatitis in men: drugs in the home, effective tools, reviews

Prostatitis can be bacterial or non-bacterial, depending on their origin. In addition, the nature of their course, the disease is divided into chronic or acute form. The acute form of the disease in most cases triggered by gram-negative bacteria. In addition, it is easily recognized and can be treatment of prostatitis in men medication at home after the consultation with your doctor.


Causes of prostatitis

Before you get acquainted with the peculiarities of treatment of prostatitis in men medication at home, as well as with the treatment of non-traditional recipes, it is necessary to understand the causes of the disease. The primary reason you get an infection in the prostate gland, and this in turn facilitates location of the body in the pelvis. It should highlight the main ways of getting infection in the prostate gland:

  1. Downside. In this case, the infection penetrates into the prostate along with urine.
  2. Upward. The infection penetrates into the prostate through the urethra.
  3. Hematogenous. In this situation, the infection penetrates into the prostate together with the blood.
  4. Lymphogenous. In this case, the infection penetrates into the prostate along with the lymph circulation.

The main causes and risk factors of occurrence of prostatitis in men are as follows:

  1. Sedentary, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise. Because of this there is stagnation of blood in the prostate.
  2. Violation of the normal rhythm of sexual life. The fact that irregular sexual acts, and a long period of abstinence can trigger the development of this disease.
  3. Hypothermia, which can occur in adolescence, childhood or adulthood. This is especially true in cases when supercooled, the corresponding part of the body men.
  4. Diseases that are transmitted sexually, for example, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and gardnerellosis.
  5. Injury of organs or tissues of the pelvis.
  6. A weakened immune system in patients in childhood, youth or adulthood.
  7. An unbalanced diet, which should include sweet, fatty and fried foods. Also development of prostatitis contributes to excessive alcohol consumption.

All of these condition can cause germs into the prostate, and cause stagnant process in the body, worsening the supply of blood to the prostate gland, which in turn will lead to an increase in the number of harmful microorganisms and progression of the inflammatory process. For this reason, must be treated in time the disease that complications never bother the man.

Signs and symptoms

When the first signs and symptoms of prostatitis in men, therapy should be immediate. But before that you should know what exactly is the described symptoms of the disease. Frequent urination, and urination with intermittent and low pressure during the process, a burning sensation in the area of the perineum, increased body temperature, painful defecating – all of this the first symptoms of the acute form of prostatitis in men. In addition, you must pay attention to the following clinical symptoms:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • intermittent shortness of urination;
  • burning sensation in perineum and urethra;
  • more frequent urination;
  • stretching separation, which appear from the urethra;
  • the presence of fibers in the urine;
  • prolonged erection and the accelerated ejaculation;
  • total body fatigue;
  • not a bright orgasm;
  • mental depression and anxiety;
  • strong low potency.

It should also be noted that chronic prostatitis symptoms may be absent altogether from the man, and you can also add some additional features.

Inflammation of the prostate

Acute prostatitis in most cases starts with symptoms of fever up to 40 degrees. A patient is tormented by chills and fever. Urination is difficult and painful. There is swelling of the prostate gland, which can cause acute urinary retention. In addition, extremely bright are soreness in the crotch area that can give in the groin area.

If we talk about chronic prostatitis, very rarely it is the outcome of the acute form, but usually it develops initially with the erased symptoms. Chronic form of acute is different because it occurs with no particular symptoms, that is, latent.

During exacerbation of the disease patients suffer from a sensation of pressure in the area of the perineum and anus. May also appear dull pain, which gives to the sacrum, the perineum, groin and rectum.

The symptoms of chronic prostatitis include:

  • decreased libido;
  • erection deterioration;
  • a weak stream during urination;
  • aching pain in the perineum, the rectum and the sacrum;
  • discomfort and a burning sensation in the urethra.

In some cases, the man ignores the symptoms. However, the treatment of prostatitis in men with medicines at home should be carried out immediately. This is due to the fact that complications in the form of the prostate will be much harder to treat than prostatitis. And now is become more familiar with the effective treatment of prostatitis in the home.

Features of therapy

When pronounced intoxication, and also in cases of suspected purulent inflammation of the patients hospitalization. But men with uncomplicated acute type of the disease can make treatment of the prostate in the home, but you need to consult andrologist or urologist.

To finally cure this disease, you should comply with a set of certain events which will successively replace each other during therapy. But what if the first symptoms of prostatitis in men? Treatment in the home, primarily based on the use of antibiotics. In particular, the specialist will prescribe them in the case, if diagnosed infectious origin of prostatitis. The home treatment of chronic prostatitis and acute prostatitis includes the use of 3 types of drugs that include:

  1. Antibacterial agents. In this case, the treatment is carried out in order to eradicate the infection.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs, which are used in order to remove inflammation characteristic of this disease.
  3. Medications that can improve blood flow in men.
  4. Drugs that relieve spasms in the urethra.

Quite often as an additional home treatment of chronic prostatitis specialist prescribes a prostate massage. The fact that such events contribute to a speedy recovery, and significantly reduces pain. Reviews of the treatment of prostatitis in men the massage say that this procedure is very useful. Surgical intervention will be required only in the case if the patient has urinary canal has narrowed and you want to remove the BPH.

Complex therapy

But to avoid the treatment of BPH in men a need to avoid such complications of prostatitis. To do this, to adhere to a complex therapy of this disease. In these purposes apply various methods, and the specialist usually assigns:

  • change in lifestyle, diet;
  • drug therapy;
  • different physiotherapy procedures;
  • Physical therapy and massage of the prostate gland;
  • symptomatic therapy;
  • various folk remedies to combat the prostatitis;
  • therapy comorbidities;
  • psychotherapy.

Antibiotic therapy

Features of therapy

As a rule, specialists prescribe antibiotics in case of chronic and acute bacterial prostatitis. Even if chronic prostatitis occurs with the least amount of symptoms, you need to take antibiotics. But before treatment of prostatitis in men should be identified the main type of the causative agent of this disease, as well as pass the examination. Medical therapy of prostatitis involves the use of different antibiotics which have a broad spectrum of effects. For treatment of prostatitis in men at home can be assigned to the following antibiotics:

  1. Tetracyclines;
  2. Macrolides;
  3. Penicillins;
  4. Fluoroquinolones;
  5. Cephalosporins.

It must be remembered that the scheme of treatment with antibiotics needs strictly be prescribed by a doctor, as the use of antibiotics is one of the leading links in the chain of treatment.

Features home therapy

Treatment of prostatitis should act directly on receptors, relaxing the prostate. This technique greatly facilitates the process of urination and eliminates discomfort. But many patients don't want to ruin my liver, taking large amounts of drugs. Therefore, it is possible to carry out the treatment of prostatitis in men folk remedies. But in this case, it is also advised to consult a doctor.

Herbal treatment

Nature has provided us many methods of amendments of their own health. One such method is the treatment herbs. To combat the prostatitis the most effective are the following plants:

  1. Tansy, bearberry, rosemary have antiseptic and uroseptic action. To prepare the broth is necessary to chop these plants in the amount of one spoon each. After that, the grass pour boiling water in the amount of one and a half cups, and the medium is poured into a thermos, insisting it for several hours. Next, the broth should drain, after which it was taken in the morning on an empty stomach a few SIPS every day.
  2. To remove the inflammatory process during chronic prostatitis should be consumed as a decoction of chamomile. However, for its preparation you must also add St. John's wort and Echinacea. A remedy is prepared as follows: all kinds of herbs you need to take a spoon, place in a container, pour 350 ml of hot water, boil on low heat for about 10 minutes. Ready means drunk in the morning instead of black tea.
  3. Nettle, licorice root, and sweet clover can thin the blood, reduce blood stasis in the pelvis. To prepare the broth should take one spoon of these herbs, grind them, pour boiled hot water, cover it with the lid. Half an hour later the drink can be consumed instead of tea. However, you should pay attention to the fact that his drink 2-4 times a day for as long as man does not feel the overall improvement.
  4. Parsley is a very effective tool when dealing with any male diseases. It can be added to food. You only need to chop a large bunch of greens, sprinkled on cereal, salad or soup. Parsley in combination with the herbal teas can also work wonders with the health of men, by curing various inflammations, including inflammation of the prostate gland.

Aspen bark

Another very effective folk remedy to combat the prostatitis is the bark of aspen. The roots of this tree go far under the soil, so the tree has a very rich chemical composition. However, before using this tool, the bark need to prepare. For selected young aspen tree with a thin trunk. With the help of a circular incision, remove the top layer of the bark, dry it and chop it outdoors. There are several recipes of folk remedies to combat this male disease. Consider the most effective of them:

  1. If you just chew the bark of the aspen, it will not bring the patient any pleasure because she is a very bitter taste. However, this method has a fast analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Chew the bark daily during the acute illness.
  2. You can also prepare the broth based on the bark of aspen. To do this, one tablespoon of crushed material should be put in a travel mug, pour boiling water in the amount of one Cup. Infuse the bark for 9 hours, then the broth strain and take for treatment and prevention as long as men do not get better. A medicinal drink consumed in the morning before Breakfast.


All bee products can have on the human body analgesic, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects. The greatest effect in the treatment of prostatitis can be achieved if to use honey in combination with herbal infusions. There are several effective recipes:

  1. In one Cup of warm broth on the basis of yarrow and chamomile should be added one spoonful of honey, mix everything carefully. If the daily use of this drink, the improvement of the genitourinary system, you will notice after a few days.
  2. One Cup of low-fat hot milk should be mix with one teaspoon of honey. A delicious drink eat before going to bed. If the person is not an allergic reaction, the milk can be consumed every day.
  3. Brew herbal psyllium husk, licorice root, nettle leaf. To the broth add one teaspoon of dark buckwheat honey, all carefully stir. During the consumption of the resulting beverage, the prostate will eventually return to normal and the signs and symptoms of the disease disappear.

Reviews of the treatment of prostatitis

Many patients who suffered from such unpleasant diseases such as prostatitis, noted that it can be treated quite successfully at home. For the therapy to be effective, it is best to use an integrated approach which involves the use not only of recipes of traditional medicine, but the use of drugs, particularly antibiotics. In addition, improvement comes much faster if the additional treatment is to use a prostate massage.